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On Aug. 13, 2012, UPI reported that Saudi Arabia, the most progressive Islamic state, is set to built an industrial city for women only so they can maintain their segregationist misogynistic policies & continue to subjugate women for the foreseeable future. 4 other such ghettos have been proposed.

This is sicker than the all-guys Catholic high school I was indoctrinated in as a teen, & this is the U.S.’s best partner in the mid-East. Cut all relations with this fascist state IMMEDIATELY. Yes, you are inevitably judged by the company you keep.

Italian Seismologists Convicted—Who’s Next

With Italian seismologists convicted for not predicting an earthquake, what’s next—conviction of astronomers for not warning of a falling meteor, epidemiologists for not anticipating an epidemic, meteorologists for not anticipating the route of a hurricane or a tornado or the ferocity of a storm? Whoa! When did government & so-called justice systems get so god-like? Seems it was around the times of the Inquisition & the conviction of Galileo for pushing us out of the center of the universe. So are we heading back to the Middle Ages?

I propose the reverse: let’s lock up–& throw away the key–government officials & judges who have ignored the facts that imprisonment increases rather than decreasing crime, that a greed-obsessed economy increases crime not just among those left with nothing to lose but also among the greedy, that social problems left unsolved lead to an exponential increase in peripheral problems, that increasing competition leaves all but one or two individuals or groups damaged.

The factors we already know about human interaction are ignored generation after generation while we continue to test & retest & retest again what is already known without applying much of it. Note the word research: re-search—hey, we found it; let’s find it again! How stupid can we get?

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