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& familiarize yourself with this most natural & effective child-rearing & educational philosophy you can apply with your own children as soon as NOW! No bureaucracies to battle, no committees to convince, no budgets to allocate, no curricula to develop—JUST DO IT!

If destructive spontaneously combusting fires were consuming our homes, warehouses, stores, & factories, we would focus enormous resources on solving the mystery to preclude it’s occurrence rather than putting all our efforts into just fighting the fires. Yet, this is precisely what we do with generation after generation of destructive educational & child-rearing policies & methods in an out-of-control spiral of disaffection, neglect, meaningless survival, bullying, alcoholism & drug abuse, depression, mental illness, crime, violence, & suicide.

So-called “education” = SCHOOLJAIL, an intense indoctrination of youth into the lies of history, materialism, & the corporate-run undemocratic states of the West. By their teen years, children are just a blathering stew of menial irrelevancy fit for nothing except to ape one another’s “style” & convinced of their powerless to do anything beyond what their equally blithering peers expect & demand. An immense uprising from within is needed because nothing from the outside is likely to change much because it will not have the resources to sustain the effort. Still living youngsters, inmates within the system, must be found to help pull it off.

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