The U$ finally has a


racial war

or a

socialist president.

To understand what is happening in the U$, listen to: = Ring of Fire: radio worth listening to for the actual news, not just what the corporate rich parasites want you to know.

The current debate is whether the U$ will soon end with a racial war or be reborn with a socialist (not totalitarian Communist, but socialist) President – Bernie Sanders.

The U$ has allowed its most backward stupid people to arm themselves so much that I don’t feel the rest will stand a chance & will go down in the crossfire between the fundamentalist Christian low-intelligence bigots & the minorities they so hate. These idiots will take down anyone who tries to stand in their way, & they are worse than being confronted by a drunk – at least you know that the drunk will be sober in the morning.

Get the real news,

the stuff you’re

not supposed to know



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