There is a naïve notion that the social sciences are “easier” than the physical sciences. Yes, some wars & other disputes have been solved by technology, but they never stay solved unless the human sciences are effectively applied, but alas, these are inadequately understood, are used to manipulate, or often create more problems than they solve.

Everyone can flip a light switch, use a computer, many can repair a leaking faucet or a flat tire, but few can stop a conflict with all needs fulfilled so that the conflict stays solved. Yes, the social sciences may be easier courses in college because few know the basics of human relations or how to teach them, but no, in the real world the so-called soft sciences are the hardball that gets played out violently by the bully on the playground, the abusive parent at home, in wars & genocides around the globe because so few have learned these vital sciences in any useful form. 

Schools are the most crucial environment where poor human relations skills as destructively applied. While I won’t be able to completely eliminate “behavior problems” in the present schooljail system, or whatever repressive environment you wish to improve, I can help alleviate them. To eliminate them, you will have to venture into the little-known idea of prOvention (No, not prEvention) & do what the world prOvent means—begin setting up an environment in which everyone’s basic needs are fully met.

For more on prOvention, search for it, or the term’s originator’s, conflict mediator John W. Burton’s, writings. In 1990 alone, he completed 4 books on the subject. There is a good bit of information on the Internet, but no English dictionary has yet added the word to its listings, showing that, next to schools, dictionaries are the most conservative institutions in the world.

1st of all, behavior problems, are generally the behavior of adults being jailers, controllers, & enforcers of an arcane policy having more in common with Stalin’s Gulag or Hitler’s concentration camps than they do with education, freedom, or anything even vaguely approaching democracy or any sense of respect for the least powerful—the children—in our midst. Even the ultra-conservative Christian philosophy believes in “free will” yet deprives kids of choice or any sense of freedom in the school Gulags. 

“Problem” children who have trouble adapting to a repressive school environment are much like the protesters on Wall Street, draft resisters who refuse to serve in wars against innocent people, fired whistleblowers who document capitalist injustices & corruption, those incarcerated in torture chambers or “mental hospitals”, the heretics burned at the stake for stating the obvious, the guerilla fighters who die for their right to make their own choices. They are the ones to be respected as having attained worthy citizen status because they have stood up against a system which says “No” at every turn while they say “Yes” to life itself.

It is time to free all children from these centers of repression. Recent findings show that when “unruly” youngsters & those with ADHD & many of the other manufactured special education labels, for which they are drugged out of their minds, are released from these inhumane institutions, they lose their “disease” symptoms.

Ask kids if they would go to school if it were not mandatory. Few will answer in the affirmative. Those few that do have the rare exceptional teacher, or even rarer, the extraordinary school, in which children are loved, valued, respected, & learn because of the safe supportive environment, which not only allows their curiosity, initiative, spontaneity, & creativity to remain intact & undistorted but encourages its expression.