I can’t imagine what it must be like to be on the verge of suicide, calling a crisis line, & not getting an answer. This happens to 100s daily in Lithuania, a world leader in suicides. 40% of callers to one of the various suicide prevention or support lines get a busy signal when they call.

Suicides, I think most people would agree, are more tragic than house fires, yet if 40% of house fires were ignored, there would be a massive outcry & funds would be available immediately to rectify the situation. Similarly, if only 40% of calls to other emergency services (ambulance or police) were answered, we would have change overnight.

Why such low self-worth & such high rates of suicide, alcoholism & other addictions?

Socially inadequate, passive, depressed people are more easily manipulated & controlled, so the objective of religions, governments, capitalists, & other psychopathic leaders is to make people feel crappy about themselves. How are you holding up, or have you given in to their corrosive power & greed?