Raised in a fascist xenophobic Lithuanian community in Cleveland, Ohio (U$A) & having left it in my teen years, I have, unavoidably, lived surrounded by such people much of my life in both the U$ & Lithuania. I work towards freedom, justice, & equality with integrity & responsibility to counteract the growing repression throughout the globe.

My special interest is instilling children & their teachers & caretakers with the values of openness, increasing awareness, & questioning everything, especially the idiotic & regressive behavior & decisions of our “leaders” that masquerade as “government.”

1st & foremost: as you can see, I don’t play by staid old rules.

Playing “professional” is the peak of insincerity’s & just a learned role.

I have long ago stopped playing games & am an authentic:

Human Relations & Organizational Transformation Consultant

Psychotherapist working with

individuals, couples, families, & groups,

with adults, teens, & children.

Mentor individually or in groups with those seeking to find themselves & their direction in life, especially if that direction is applied psychology, social work, or education. I take on apprentices.

Conflict  Mediator

Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Facilitator

Creative & Systemic Thinking  Catalyst

Meeting & Conference Facilitator

Educational  Alternatives  Specialist

Employee & Team Member Selection Specialist

Writer, Storyteller

Demythologizer / Heretic

Free to travel on long- or short-term projects

Contact me if you want to enjoy & benefit from the insights & accounts of the life experiences of a former U$ citizen (lived there 50 years) who offers himself as he is with a take-it-or-leave-it authentic manner without pretense or pompous “professionalism”.

e-mail:  vytas@stoskus.net

I prefer to work eye-to-eye, but when distance makes that impossible,

I use Skype (vytas.stoskus).

Tel: 370-678-70305