The right to be “ME”:

self-esteem, assertiveness, authenticity


Psychotherapists often try to help people adapt to their environment & social standards & requirements, but less often does a psychotherapist assist an individual in discovering who one is, why one is here, what one needs to be doing, & why to even bother. We are left with robotic people doing what is expected, bored with themselves & life. It’s time for you to consider all this & make some changes. Here is an opportunity to get you started.


Determined by group member needs.

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In the waning days of direct person-to-person & eye-to-eye interaction, I offer an opportunity for you to take center stage, get the spotlight, be the focus of attention. We are all worthy of it, unique in ways that will be lost unless each of us takes the responsibility that is ours to provide that which we are & can do for those around us. Without our individual piece of the puzzle, the picture is unfinished, distorted, lacking a satisfying image or anything approximating a sense of completion.

We ask “What can one individual do?”, yet no one replies. Together we can explore paths that may help you find your personal answers, or at least set you off in the right general direction in their pursuit.

The schooling process grinds each of us into a universal dust, without the slightest hint of individuality. Guided reflection & feedback from other group members assists your unfolding the meaning & purpose to those oft undiscovered talents that your parents & teachers bulldozed with their lessons in a bi-gone morality, a materialistic work ethic, & a horizon littered with your unmet needs & dreams.

It’s time you took back those visions & charted a course to attain their realization & your full potential.

Being in English, this group aims primarily to attract those of foreign heritage, but I also invite Lithuanians who wish to overcome, or have no fear of foreigners, & would like to discover their increasing options in an expanding more diverse world.

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